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It is our vision improve the visibility, marketability and earning potential of  our athlete, business and non profit clients by utilizing our relationships, resources and niche experience with respect to god, good business integrity and morals!



Founded in 2009,  Winners Circle Sports Network later rebranded as iConnect Sports is a full service sports marketing agency, booking agency, specializing in autograph signings and appearances, motivational sport speakers, athlete endorsement deals as well as creating strategic marketing campaigns for sports celebrities. Our foundation stems from our founder being the off spring of a Dallas Cowboys Legend and record holder. We  have access to thousands of retired athletes, current professional athletes and sports celebrities available for your next big event. 


iConnect  of has  built close relationships with top sports celebrities, top talent agencies, public relations firms and sports agencies and NFL NBA MLB team official. which allow us direct access to virtually any sports figure, celebrity entertainer or public figure in the world. 


What we do!


 We secure pro athlete/celebrity partners to generate greater consumer engagement and increase sales through perceived celebrity endorsement. Pro Athletes can be acquired for commercials, print campaigns, promotions, media events, personal appearances and speaking engagements.


Celebrity endorsement typically consists of a written, spoken or pictorial statement, showcasing the virtue of a brand by a celebrity who uses his or her status in society to promote a product, service or charity.


​Book a celebrity athlete for:

  • Corporate events  

  • Corporate activations

  • Charity Events

  • Speaking engagements

  • Autograph Signings

  • Golf Tournament  

  • School Appearances

  • Youth Sports Camps

  • Birthday parties/Weddings

  • Vip Meet and Greeets

  • Face Time Calls



Secure celebrities for social media campaigns leverage their personal Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts resulting in instant
and widespread recognition

Get your brand into the hands of those masters of Word of Mouth.  Partnerships with celebrity social influencers who get your message out to their fan base.


Looking for an exclusive experience  or simply want to save some money? Contact us now for:

  • Game Tickets (any sport, any team)

  • Suite Tickets

  • Concert Tickets

  • Event Tickets

  • Field Passes

  • Club Passes

  • Parking Passes

  • Backstage Passes


We work with some of the biggest memorabilia dealers in the US, giving us access to essentially any autograph from any player. If we dont have it we can get it. Contact us for any of the following


  • Autographed jerseys, balls, helmets and photos

  • If you have your own item that you would like to get signed 

  • Game worn items actually worn by the players in the game such as jerseys, cleats, socks, helmets and etc

  • Send in any item that you want signed and we will get it signed and send it back to you


Let us make help you ensure that your next event is an overall win! At any stage of the process we can assist you with:

  • Event Production- From point A to Z we can create produce and facilitate your whole event for you.

  • Event Staffing- Need workers or volunteers? We can help you successfully staff your event and save you money

  • Event Consulting- Want to produce and run your own event but want advise or opinion of a professional ? We can line you up with a pro to help you make all the right decisions

  • Event Sponsorship- Looking for sponsors? We can help! From strategy, creating your sponsorship deck, establishing process and organizing a team, let us use our experience, knowledge and resources to help bring in some sponsors for your event

  • Event Marketing and Advertising-  You cannot rely on creating an event on Facebook as your marketing and advertising. You need one or both of the following and we can help with both:

    • Media ( TV, Radio , Social Media & Newspaper)​

    • Street Team (group of people who hit the streets and spread the word about your event with flyers and posters. 






For great prices on exclusive autographed memorabilia, jerseys etc visit our online store!

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